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We, at AIMS Plastic are focused on recycling plastic waste in any form and type
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Our Transformation Process in recycling Plastic Waste

At AIMS Plastic, we play a pivotal role in the plastic recycling process. We begin by collecting and distributing post-consumer materials, which we carefully sort and wash. After shredding, we meticulously identify and separate plastics by density and thickness. Finally, we transform these plastics into high-quality pellets, ready for manufacturing, ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly solutions


Plastic waste is sourced and meticulously sorted to ensure the quality and washed to remove the impurites


Shredding reduces plastic into smaller pieces that can be reused, while also removing the remaining impurities


Controlled shredding and melting, transforming plastic waste into uniform, molten material

Granule Production

Expert extrusion into pellets and rigorous quality control checks ensure compliance with industry standards.

About Us

Recycling transforms waste, like non-biodegradable plastic, into eco-friendly products, reducing environmental pollution.

We have a specialized team with a combined experience of more than 25 years in plastic scrap recycling business. We have manufactured, recycled, crushed and traded all in plastic for all over these years under different umbrellas. Now, we at AIMS have come under a single umbrella to serve your needs better. Get in touch with our team for your requirements and we are just a click, dial, mail or text away.

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Explore our diverse range of high-quality plastic products, from Polycarbonate to Polyethylene and more, designed to meet your specific needs with sustainability in mind


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